Linnahall – Tallinn’s Best Sunset Spot

Linnahall – The Best Sunset in Tallinn

There’s no shortage of amazing viewpoints in Tallinn – indeed, the Toompea area of Estonia’s capital is famed for its viewing platforms. Almost all angles of the city are covered from these balconies, which are undoubtedly a magnificent vantage point from which to enjoy an Estonian sunset – or sunrise, if you’ve had your caffeine fix!

One of Tallinn’s many viewing platforms

Their beauty is well documented, and it’s likely that you’ll find yourself sharing your sunset with a hefty crowd of tourists. Whilst that shouldn’t take away from the experience too much, we think that there’s a perfect spot – barely a 5 minute walk from the Old Town walls – where you can mingle with locals, enjoy plenty of space, and watch the sun set straight over the Baltic sea.

Tallinn’s best sunset spot? We think so!

That place is Linnahall – a monolithic relic of the Soviet Union, which was built for the controversial 1980 Olympics but has slowly fallen into disrepair. It now stands abandoned, perched on the shores of the Baltic sea, enjoying stunning views across the water, as well as back towards the spires and cobbles of the medieval Old Town.

Walking on Linnahall’s huge roof during the day

Despite being unused for years, with pretty much all of the inside locked up and blocked off to dissuade unwelcome visitors, Linnahall’s vast roof and steps remains accessible to all. It acts as a meeting spot, lunch stop, exercise arena and – best of all – an amazing place to watch the sun setting!

The sun setting from Linnahall’s roof

Sunset at Linnahall – Top Tips!

The Linnahall complex comes into its own in the evening – here are our top tips for enjoying the best sunset in Tallinn:

  1. Check the estimated sunset time, and arrive an hour or so before. This will mean you can bag the best spot, and watch the area become busier as more and more folk arrive.
  2. Make sure you head to the steps nearest the sea – these have the best views of the sun setting directly over the water!
  3. Do as the locals do – bring drinks and snacks to enjoy whilst the sun goes down.
  4. Depending on the time of year, wrap up warm! After all, you are on the shores of the Baltic sea – almost synonymous with being cold! It can be windy, even on a clear day, and the temperature can drop once the sun has disappeared.
  5. Take a wander around the whole complex after the sun has gone down. You’ll likely see fishermen trying to grab the last catch of the day, couples enjoying the romantic lighting, and probably a photographer or two looking to capture the scene.
Fishermen at Linnahall at sunset

How to get to Linnahall

  1. Head down ‘Pikk’ – one of the Old Town’s main streets – in the direction of ‘Fat Margaret’ tower
  2. Leave the Old Town through the gate next to Fat Margaret tower, and head towards the pedestrian crossings en-route to the seafront and ferry terminals
  3. Cross the roads, and turn right – walk as if you are heading in the direction of the ferry terminals. In barely any time at all, you will see the unmistakable concrete steps of Linnahall to your left – you’ve made it!
  4. Head up the steps, and you’ll find yourself on the roof. Choose your spot and enjoy the best place for sunset in Tallinn!

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