All About Us

Hello everyone, and welcome to Two Tickets To!

We are Matt and Lucy, the couple behind the blog, and we’re based out of Yorkshire in the UK. Having studied languages at University, we decided to start Two Tickets To after graduating and securing our first full-time jobs – got to keep those creative juices flowing somehow!

Being part-time travellers, our philosophy is to turn every little bit of our annual leave into ‘mini-adventures’; which normally means lots of overland travel between cities and towns across Europe and beyond. Jam-packed itineraries with lots of great experiences are the order of the day here!

On the border of Armenia, Iran and Turkey!

To help folk get to know us a bit better, we’ve done a little Q&A with each other to find out about how and why we enjoy travelling.

Favourite travel memory?

Matt: This is a tough one! I’m torn between two – climbing Kilimanjaro was absolutely amazing, and I’d love to go back and do it again some day. I did catch a fleeting glimpse of it from the top of Mount Kenya in March 2019, which was nice! Closer to home, wandering around Dubrovnik Old Town at 3am when it was absolutely deserted was brilliant – we basically had the whole place to ourselves which was incredibly exciting.

You’ve got to be up very early for shots like this….

Lucy: Hmmm. I’m going to go with quite an old travel memory from a family holiday. It was the last night of our holiday in Venice. St Mark’s Square had flooded earlier that day, but by the evening the water had retreated leaving huge puddles. All I can remember thinking is that the atmosphere was magical as people wandered around, listening to the orchestra which was playing in one corner of the square and skipping through puddles.

Worst travel experience?

Matt: Anyone who reads this regularly will soon learn that I have a mild fear of flying – which isn’t ideal when you enjoy travelling! Unfortunately, this fear wasn’t helped by experiencing quite a loud, violent engine failure whilst travelling on a propeller plane on an internal flight in Tanzania. The big bang and plane shaking, followed by looking out of the window across the aisle to see the propeller grinding to a halt, is probably my worst experience. I was convinced that was the end, but I’m still here!

Lucy: Mine was a self-inflicted travel experience. My friend Katherine and I spontaneously got on a train to Stockholm and couldn’t find any accommodation. In the end we decided the only option was to stay awake all night. We sat in the central station until it closed at 1am, keeping ourselves awake by guessing what the other people in the station were doing there. After being ushered out of the station we went to Burger King, ordered some chips and sat there until 3am. Everything was so expensive that we had to make one shared portion of chips between last for two hours. At 3am we hurried to McDonald’s (it was absolutely freezing) where we ordered a McFlurry, which we also consumed painfully slowly, and remained until 5am. We then queued to get into the station, which was just reopening, and sat on a bench until the first coffee shop opened. Katherine fell asleep in her chair holding the most expensive mug of coffee we’d bought in our lives. Never again.

It’s not all sunny days and cocktails! Up at the top of Scotland’s Ben Macdui in August

Dream travel destination?

Matt: I’ve never done South America – so I’d love to give that a go. Trekking the Amazon and visiting Machu Picchu would be brilliant.

On a more unrealistic note, an adventure to the South Pole would be mind blowing.

Lucy: Agreed on Machu Picchu. I’d also love to see the Northern Lights.

Most ridiculous travel experience?

Matt: Probably getting a three hour taxi from Mostar to Dubrovnik in order to catch our flight back to the UK. We were already in Mostar by mistake, having missed the Sarajevo-Dubrovnik bus, so having to get a taxi for such a long journey was as hilarious as it was ridiculous.

Lucy: Crossing the border with you into Kaliningrad – a Russian enclave bordering Poland and Lithuania, for those who haven’t heard of it. We got on the train at the border town in Lithuania, Kybartai, and almost immediately it ground to a halt for a good 90 minutes while a procession of every single security and border guard possible congregated in our compartment. Clearly, they weren’t used to English people trying to get in through this crossing – Matt was even asked if he was a spy after attempting to speak basic Russian (he must have been doing something right?!).

Something you refuse to travel without?

Matt: This is a bit of a cliché, but a good sense of humour. There’s almost invariably no point getting stressed when things go wrong – it’s all part of the experience, and will probably make for better memories when you get back. Unless it’s engine failure – then I’m allowed to panic…

Lucy: A notebook. I’ve always kept holiday diaries so I use the front of the notebook as a diary and the back for noting everything from currency conversion rates to hostel addresses to the Cyrillic alphabet.

We hope you enjoy reading!


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